What's the interest of an International Day without Art ?

The art scene has changed dramatically in the last few years. Does it relates to art anymore? It is good to stop for a moment and think about the role and importance of the arts in the lives of the artists and in contemporary society. This is difficult to achieve while frenetically producing shows and trying to get visitors into the museums.
To negate for one day the logical and natural trend of promoting the use and enjoyment of art unveils the political, economic and private reasons that are behind the insistence of institutions have of glorifying art and culture.

Museum's Open Days and other initiatives for the celebration and promotion of the arts are necessary to stimulate and encourage the enjoyment and education in art. But those actions are addressed mainly to an audience reluctant to take part in the cultural life, WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED in art. International Day without Art is dedicated to people who live daily for and into art and which, for one day, they wish to see from some perspective the object of their labour and passion.